Motto of Government

Government has organised the administrative management local body for all the cities to provide different Civic facilities to the Citizens of the city.

Mission / Vision of Public Management

The Local Administration has given importance to make public related matters and management in more effective way, to facilitate the Citizens. And provide services like Water supply, Road, Drainage, Health, Light etc.

The Mission is to make the public administration easier moreover the objective of management is to adopt latest technology to provide Public facilities in an easier and effective way.

Brief history of Jamnagar Municipality and references of it’s composition

  • Jamnagar City Council was established on 30th Dec 1875.
  • Revenue Collection started on 1st July 1902 to make the Body Financially Self Dependent.
  • The Municipality of Jamnagar established on 2nd of October 1949 in the real sense.
  • Jamnagar Municipal Corporation was established on 6th of October 1981.
  • Jamnagar Municipal Corporation has area of round about 26.40 square Kms. and population of 4,45,397 as per Census-2001.
  • All the administrative activities of the J.M.C. is conducted as per Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act 1949.

Duties of J.M.C. / Services provided by the Citizens

  • Maintaining the City Area & Cleaning Roads & Streets.
  • Collecting Stinking & Toxic substances, Garbage etc. and to dispose it appropriately.
  • Maintaining & Cleaning Drainage Pipes, open gutters etc. and Public Latrines/Toilets.
  • Protecting & Providing Safety to the Citizens & Their Properties from Fire Accidents
  • Provide Safety against Dangerous Transmitted Diseases & Provide appropriate vaccines at    appropriate times.
  • Providing Street Lights to Public Properties like Roads, Streets etc.
  • Maintaining Municipal Office, Monuments, open grounds and places of Public interest.
  • Maintenance & Administration of Funeral places.
  • Providing & Maintaining Primary Education facilities to the Citizens.
  • Providing Registration facilities of Birth & Death to the Citizens.
  • Construction and maintenance of Public Roads, Bridges and Sub-ways to facilitate the Citizens.
  • Relief work during Natural Calamities like Drought, Scarcity, Earthquake etc.
  • Spending at least 10% revenue income to develop Slum areas.