Sports Complex

Details :

  1. Timing of the Sports complex is from 6:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M and 2:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M
  2. Various Sports activities are swimming, Bad Minton, table tennis, lawn tennis, skating, Jim etc.
  3. Rules of Sports Complex are as below;

  • Two passport-size photos attached with the application
  • For Swimming, Stamp and signature of the doctor in the form is compulsory.
  • Corporation or any of its officer / employee will not be responsible for any kind of damage, accident or death occurred during Swimming.
  • Swimming pool members have to wear clean, colourful Swimming Costume while using Swimming pool.
  • Those having long hairs will have to wear a bathing cap while swimming.
  • Do not apply oil / cream / soap while using swimming pool. Swimming pool members have to take Shower bath before going to the swimming pool.
  • Member will have to act according to the instruction of a trainer in swimming pools.
  • No refund will be given if Swimming Pool will be closed for Cleaning or for any accidental reasons.
  • Swimming members should not bring their small children while swimming.
  • Swimming Members should not go beyond the prescribed section of the swimming and should behave according to the instruction of a trainer.
  • Each member of each batch will have to come in the fixed time and timing for each batch will be of 45:00 minutes.
  • It is strictly prohibited for use of any kind of food-beverages, intoxicating prodcuts, pan-gutka, tobacco, smoking, etc. in Sports Complex.
  • Members of the sports complex will not bring valuables with them; however, if any thing will be lost then it will not be the responsibility of Corporation.
  • Members will be given an entry card. Members shall not be allowed to enter the Sports Complex without the entry card.
  • Members have to bring all the materials like Swimming Costume, racquet, ball, shuttlecock, T.T., skating shoes, etc.
  • It is compulsory to wear sports shoes or badminton shoes while entering the badminton court and during the game. Members should consider wearing a sports uniform.
  • Usage of the indoor stadium is restricted for running to warm-up.
  • Members have to compulsorily wear clean shoes while entering in the Gym.
  • Members have to compulsorily wear non-marketing shoes in Lawn-tennis court.
  • Any damage or destruction in Sports Complex will cause penalty of amount as decided by the Sport Complex Officer. The Member will have to pay the asked amount; otherwise it will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Any member violating the rules, not following the instructions, doing misconduct or found doing objectionable work; will be removed from the sports complex and his fees will not be returned in any circumstances.
  • Commissioner of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation has the powers for any of the modification in Sports Complex. 

   4. Details of the charge of the various games in sports complex.

Sr. No.

Name of Game

Monthly Charge

Yearly Charge


Swimming (General)




Swimming (Children 5 – 10 Years)








Badminton (under 15 Years)




Table Tennis




Lawn Tennis












  1. Applicant has to pay for each game Rs. 1000/- as deposit amount,   Rs. 50 /- for registration fees and Rs.30 /- for membership cards.
  2. If the Member is willing to get the Locker facility then amount of Rs. 150 /- has to be paid every month.
  3. Please go through the details as mentioned in Point no. (2.) to (4.) to become member and for various rules and charges of Sports Complex games and activities.
  4. Sports complex is closed on Sundays.